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Australian Forestry Standard Certified Products

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS)

As Australia's leading manufacturer of office paper, envelopes and paper based stationery, Australian Office is dedicated to doing business sustainably.

Paper is the major input to our manufacturing operation and certification is a key part of this commitment. Australian Office is now Chain of Custody certified to the Australian Forestry Standard; the only standard in forestry management which is accredited by Standards Australia®. The Australian Forestry Standard is also endorsed by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFCTM); the world's largest forest certification organisation.

Currently only 9% of the world's forests are certified for sustainability. Australia has one of the highest levels of certification in the world, with 90% of our wood production forests certified as responsibly managed. The Australian Forestry Standard protects biodiversity, ensures that all harvested areas are fully regenerated, maintains healthy ecosystems, protects the water and soil and also safeguards the safety of workers, local jobs and communities.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) estimates that 99% of certified forests in Australia are certified under the AFS.

Our Chain of Custody certification includes all Australian made Tudor, Tudor Eco and Reflex envelopes as well as Manilla Folders, Lables and Scholastic ranges manufactured at Preston, Victoria.

Chain of Custody ensures that Australian Office can track certified wood through all phases of transportation and manufacturing from the forest manager to the final product and delivery to the end consumer.

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