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Australian, Sustaining our Future

The Australian range of Office Papers are bright white, quality guaranteed and made in Australia. By choosing Australian you are supporting a brand with a wide range of positive local benefits. Australian, proudly Sustaining our Future.

Australian 10% Recycled

Australian Paper is the largest private employer in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. By choosing Australian 10% Recycled you are supporting an important local industry. Australian 10% Recycled contains 10% premium post consumer waste* and is also certified to the Australian Forestry Standard which is recognised by Standards Australia® and globally endorsed by the PEFC, the world's largest sustainable forest certification system. Australian 10% Recycled; proudly made in Australia and sustaining our future.

Australian 10% Recycled is also available in Unwrapped and A3. Australian 10% Recycled Unwrapped is 2500 unwrapped sheets conveniently packed in a moisture proofed carton.

 *Post consumer as defined in AS/NZS ISO 14021:2000 

Australian Paper Recycle 1

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