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Australian, Sustaining our Future

The Australian range of Office Papers are bright white, quality guaranteed and made in Australia. By choosing Australian you are supporting a brand with a wide range of positive local benefits. Australian, proudly Sustaining our Future.

Australian jobs

Australian Office Paper, 10% Recycled and 80% Recycled are made by Australian Paper at the Maryvale Mill located 160 kilometres east of Melbourne in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. The Mill began operating in 1937 and has become an integral part of the local community; essential to the Latrobe Valley’s economic and social fabric. Today, the Maryvale Mill is one of Australia’s largest integrated pulp and paper making operations and a cycle of continuous capital investment ensures that it remains state of the art with a broad range of leading edge technology. The Maryvale Mill is the largest private sector employer in the Latrobe Valley with over 900 direct employees and many more supported indirectly through the Mill’s activities. The Mill is operated by Australian Paper which continues to make significant contributions to the Australian economy in terms of GDP, productivity and employment. Australian Paper is proudly an Australian business, focused on delivering quality products from responsibly managed, renewable resources.

Australian Forestry Standard Certified

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) supports sustainable forest management in Australia. The Australian Forestry Standard is globally recognised by PEFC, the world's largest sustainable forest management certification scheme. Australian Office Paper A4 80gsm, Australian 10% Recycled A4 80gsm and Australian 80% Recycled A4 80gsm are all Australian Forestry Standard Certified. This means that all the fibre used in Australian Office Papers is drawn from sustainably managed forests and controlled materials.

Recycled Fibre

Australian 10% Recycled and Australian 80% Recycled contain premium recycled de-inked pulp and can also be recycled again through your local waste paper collection service.

Leading the way in saving water

The Maryvale Mill has reduced water used per tonne of paper produced by 66% in the past 20 years. As a further water saving initiative, Australian Paper has entered into partnership with the Victorian Government to support the new Gippsland Water Factory (GWF). The GWF plant is the first of its kind in Australia utilising ground breaking water treatment processes. By collecting and recycling eight million litres of wastewater a day and selling it to Australian Paper for use at the Maryvale Mill, about three billion litres (1200 Olympic-size swimming pools) of fresh water will be saved each year. This saved volume of water will be used for environmental flows in local rivers, for drinking water, or to support further growth in the area.

Committed to greenhouse gas reduction

The Maryvale Mill is the largest industrial generator of renewable energy in Victoria and the second largest producer of biofuel in Australia. Renewable energy now meets 44% of the Maryvale Mill’s total energy requirements. As part of the ongoing commitment to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and limit greenhouse gas emissions, Australian Paper is actively involved in voluntary initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Australian Paper is registered with the Australian Government Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program and the Victorian EPA’s Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) Program. The Maryvale Mill has undertaken an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to calculate all greenhouse gas emissions associated with its products from cradle to grave. A 5 year emissions monitoring plan was also produced as part of this process.

A world leader in ECF Lite technology

Following a major $350 million pulp mill investment project, the Maryvale Mill converted its main facility to ECF Lite pulping technology, from the beginning of 2009. This new process eliminates elemental chlorine from the bleaching process necessary to produce premium high brightness pulp. The new ECF Lite technology at Maryvale exceeds the benchmarks for ECF pulp mills established by the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Bureau in Europe.

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